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Concerts at the Assembly Room in the 18th & 19th centuries
The Assembly Room has been the setting for many musical and social events over the years. Concerts and balls have marked important occasions such as the Battle of Trafalgar, the Coronation of William IV in 1831 and the passing of the Reform Bill in 1832.

In the late 18th century John Marsh, musician, composer and resident of North Pallant, organised subscription concerts and was the moving spirit behind the installation of an organ and music gallery on the south wall  (removed in 1881).

In 1832 the great Paganini performed in the Assembly Room and the Hampshire Telegraph reported that ‘all the Nobility and Gentry of the city and neighbourhood were present to witness his amazing musical powers’.  A few years later, in 1840, Liszt gave two recitals in the Assembly Room and was said to have ‘elicited the most rapturous applause’. 

The 21st century

In January 2006 a new season of chamber concerts was introduced.  The inaugural concert took place on Mozart’s 250th birthday, 27th January 2006, and was given by the Royal String Quartet  before a capacity audience in the Assembly Room.  The Royal Quartet, from Warsaw, had recently been selected as Quartet-in-Residence at the Wigmore Hall in London. Three more concerts followed featuring the Aurora Wind Ensemble, the Angell Piano Trio and the Artea String Quartet.

Following this success the new society, under its founder and chairman Michael Nott, adopted the name of Chichester Chamber Concerts and established an annual season running from November to April. Programmes have become more ambitious and some very fine artists have performed in the concerts.

In 2009 Chichester Chamber Concerts acquired a president and new chairman after the sad and unexpected death of Michael Nott. The president, Michael Follis, is chairman of South West Sussex Arts Group (SWAG), deputy chairman of The Culture and Sports Alliance, and was director of the Petworth Festival from 2000-2007.

Anna Hill has been chair and artistic director of HHH Concerts in Haslemere for over 20 years and a CCC committee member since its foundation.  She worked closely with Michael Nott on the selection of artists and programmes.

Artists appearing at the Assembly Room: January 2006 - April 2019

Royal String Quartet                                          
Aurora Wind Ensemble                    
Artea String Quartet                           
Angell Piano Trio                               
Heath String Quartet                                                          
Richard May (cello)/Olena Shvetsova-van Eker (piano)
Harriet Adie Harp Trio      
Thomas Gould (violin)/John Reid (piano)
Carducci String Quartet/Ben Rogerson (cello)
David Massey (guitar)
Sarah Williamson (clarinet)/Catherine Milledge (piano)
O Duo: Oliver Cox and Owen Gunnell (percussionists)
Timothy Orpen (clarinet)/Oliver Coates (cello)/John Reid (piano)
Talich String Quartet         
Badke String Quartet                         
Emily Bauer-Jones (contralto)/Terence Allbright (piano)
Barbirolli Quartet
Chamber Domaine
Skampa Quartet
Zephyr Ensemble of London
Doric Quartet
Adam Walker (flute)/Bartholomew Lafollette (cello)/John Reid (piano)
Hannah Marcinowicz (clarinet/Saxophone)/John Reid (piano)
London Concertante (octet)

London Conchord Ensemble
Aviv String Quartet
Trio Anima
Danish String Quartet
Rautio Piano Trio
Igor Tchetuev
Atrium Quartet
Chamber Domaine
Rose Trio
Alex Hambleton (horn)
Daniel King Smith (piano)
The Brook Street Band
Alasdair Beatson (piano)
Heath Quartet
Bernard d’Ascoli (piano)
Fibonacci Sequence
Cavaleri Quartet/Benjamin Roskams (viola)
Sitkovetsky Piano Trio
Sacconi Quartet
Simon Crawford–Phillips (piano)
Arcadia Quartet
Jacquin Trio
Martin Helmchen (piano)
Jack Liebeck (violin)
Katya Apekisheva (piano)
Allegri Quartet
Carducci Quartet
David Owen Norris (pianoforte) with Amanda Pitt (soprano) and Louise Williams (viola)
La Serenissima
Rosanna Ter–Berg (flute) with Olivia Jageurs (harp), Gemma Sharples (violin), Kay Stephen (viola) and Anna Menzies (cello)
Busch Trio
Brodsky Quartet
Van Kuijk Quartet
Alexei Grynyuk (piano)
Notos Piano Quartet
Signum Quartet
Kungsbacka Piano Trio
Akilone Quartet
Trio Con Brio Copenhagen
Daniel Lebhardt (piano)
Bernardi Music Group
Arcadia Quartet
Ensemble Mirage
Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin) with Wu Qian (piano)
Camarilla Wind Ensemble
Castalian Quartet
Merlin Ensemble Vienna
Magnard Ensemble
Matthew Hunt & Friends
Vision Quartet

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Chichester Council House
Chichester Council House

Niccolo Paganini
Niccolo Paganini

Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt

Royal String Quartet
Royal String Quartet

Danish String Quartet
Danish String Quartet

Martin Helmchen
Martin Helmchen

Brodsky Quartet
Brodsky Quartet
Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin) with Wu Qian (piano)
Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin) with Wu Qian (piano)

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